Monday, February 16, 2009

Nora Day #13 Tripping on Femurs

      I wonder who this blog is for. I write it, so it’s for me and from me. I have a small group of readers who leave me provoking comments and send me encouraging messages and emails, so it’s for them too. I have distant friends and relatives who just like to know what I am doing and what I am thinking. Reading my blog helps me to keep in touch with them on some level, so it’s partially for them as well. And then there are the first time readers, who happen to stumble upon my blog in the middle of a google search or a blogspot scan session. I want my blog to be one that sticks out, one that they come back to. So it’s kind of for them, too.
      Then there are the people who play(ed) a role in this present chapter of my life. Their influences surface on Nora Day. Which, quite frankly, sometimes sucks depending on the person and how their story meshes with mine. But with an entire day to reflect on, well, everything, skeletons practically fall out of the closet. And most of the time…ok, all of the time, it is easier to tip toe over the bones that spill out on the floor and sneak out of the room than it is to pick them up and figure out where the hell they go.
      That is so dishonest though. It’s like telling the next generation how historical the 2008 presidential election was without mentioning that Barack Obama is the first black president of the United States. Or telling your server at a restaurant that you don’t want peanuts in your dish without mentioning that you are allergic to them.
      My responsibility as a writer of creative nonfiction is not necessarily to give every piece of information I find, but to give enough of the right information in order to help my readers create an accurate mental picture. And I am not so sure I have been doing that. I think because of my premeditated audience, I censor myself. I leave out the fact that Obama is black. I neglect to acknowledge my peanut allergy. I write these entries and get to the core of some pretty heavy stuff, but I am tripping over femurs the entire way.
      And I am tired of it.

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